(Good Things Utah) For another year, St. George has been ranked the fastest-growing city in the country. Data shows that the Washington area has grown more than 30% in the last decade. This sudden growth, while strengthening the economy, has put a strain on the region’s resources with the city’s now overwhelming population.

One of the most challenging resources in this part of Southern Utah is electric and solar energy. Heavier usage and power outages have created a strong need for reliable energy brands like HedgeHog Electric & Solar.

Serving the St. George area and beyond for over 10 years now, HedgeHog is a full-service organization with a team of electricians that are licensed, experienced, solution-oriented, and committed to meeting and exceeding safety standards.

HedgeHog Electric & Solar makes it a point to stay up to date on the latest innovations in home and factory automation, lighting, and sustainable energy. With its team of electric and solar experts, it offers a comprehensive list of residential and commercial services including:

  • Energy audits
  • LED lighting retrofits
  • Electrical design and installations
  • Lighting
  • Panel upgrades
  • Solar panel installations
  • Irrigation and well pumps
  • Wiring
  • Emergency services
  • Electrical repairs, replacements, upgrades, and inspections

The team also specializes in emergency systems for power outages — providing power to customers efficiently with advanced backup generators. Using natural gas or propane, this power insurance offers users peace of mind that both essential and non-essential devices will be uninterrupted during any future outages.

According to Carling Barlow, co-owner of HedgeHog Electric: “It senses when the power goes out, it automatically kicks on, and powers the circuits that you tell it to power…”

To learn more and schedule services, go online to HedgeHogElectric.com.

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