Treating people right is at that the center of Ken Garff’s “We’re Hear for You” Initiative

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(GTU) – David Bennion, General Manager at Ken Garff Automotive Group joined Good Things Utah to talk about the We’re Hear For You initiative.

When COVID hit, Ken Garff Automotive Group wanted to help Utah businesses and communities weather the fatigue of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The “We’re Hear for You” initiative aimed to make a difference by helping local community members by buying from local businesses during the pandemic and helping other organizations or people who were hit hard in the state.

So far Ken Garff employees have provided items such as groceries for seniors, lunch for hospital staff, flowers for teachers, free passes to open entertainment venues, helped the Navajo Nation with goods and supplies, and even surprised a single mom at Christmas who had breast and ovarian cancer. The altruism and level of care for the community shown by employees at Ken Garff Automotive is no surprise.

Their internal motto is ‘Treat People Right’ and Ken Garff Automotive has always been committed to that in the community.

In 2020, 1,700 employees at 21 Ken Garff dealerships took on an incredible 42 community service projects around the state. Ken Garff employees have been Incredibly moved and invested in giving back. An even bigger pledge to serve those in need has been made for 2021, setting the bar high with a goal of doubling the number of service projects they completed last year.

Last year, Ken Garff Automotive bought memberships for Cross Fit gyms that had to close during the pandemic.

If it’s not donating goods bought from local stores to the YWCA or providing meals from local restaurants to police and health care workers, you’ll probably see Ken Garff Automotive Group involved in something that benefits our communities.

The Ken Garff Automotive Group ranks in the top ten automotive groups nationally while remaining true to Ken’s legacy of making lifelong friends and customers. 

If you would like to help out, go to Ken Garff We’re Hear for You or follow them on Instagram.

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