(Good Things Utah) We all spend our early mornings in different ways. Although if you live in or around Salt Lake City, you’re missing out if you don’t start your day off with a cup of Turkish coffee from Kahve Cafe. This local coffee shop, operating out of a renovated Victorian-style home in the heart of the city, has been making waves in the community since they opened. The shop’s cozy atmosphere, historically-accurate décor, and deliciously-unique coffee make it the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the first sips of your day.

“Turkish hospitality begins in the home, and I wanted people to feel like they’re in their second home…” says Elif Ekin, owner of Kahve Cafe. This shop gives coffee-lovers an overall historic experience, from the way they make the Turkish coffee in sand machines, to the authentic Turkish cups, and even the delicious variety of baklava pastries. “One of the things that we try to do is address people’s allergy needs,” Elif mentioned about their tasty homemade desserts.

You can visit Kahve Cafe at 57 South 600 East in Salt Lake City or check out their website at KahveCafeSLC.com.

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