(Good Things Utah) History takes on a whole new meaning when you can interact with it. Appropriately named after the well-known art prodigy living during the Renaissance period — The Leonardo is a museum in downtown Salt Lake City that’s captivated visitors every day since opening in 2011.

A 3d rendering of code Da Vinci with the portrait of the Italian master, a human skull, some crane, inscriptions, and the Vitruvian man showing the anatomy of a man.

“When you come into The Leonardo, it’s like you’re walking into Leonardo Da Vinci’s brain, almost,” says Krista Numbers from The Leonardo. “He was this genius of the Renaissance and interested in so many things from art to science, to the human body in flight and ‘how does man fly?’ He’s been asking that question hundreds of years before there was any real flight.”

The museum, itself, features multiple unique art exhibits giving visitors an immersive experience as they continue to explore. Interactive art displays throughout the museum provide a better picture of history for viewers, while also aiding in their overall learning of the exhibits.

For many exhibits, the surrounding artwork can be breathtaking — making guests feel like they’ve stepped back in time. Krista comments, “…to be standing and having it go around you, it takes it to a whole new level.”

As the museum continues introducing the coming generations to historic artists, it also offers them a variety of summer camps and workshops to attend. Also, they hold regular events centered around important topics meant to both teach and inform the community.

Their current program for high school students, called Mind Riot, will host a popular TikTok star and more giving talks meant to inspire a new generation of bright minds to pursue their passions in life to solve real-world problems. This year’s theme is Clean Air. The event will take place on June 9th, 10th, and 11th.

TikTok star London Lazarus, keynote speaker for Mind Riot.

For more information about exhibits, events, camps, and workshops, visit TheLeonardo.org.

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