“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”… this is not something you want to miss at this years Utah Shakespeare Festival.

Just two weeks remain in the annual Utah Shakespeare Festival taking place at The Professional Theatre of Southern Utah University. Come for the plays such as The Sound of Music, The Tempest, Clue (based on the board game), and Thurgood (based on the life of US Supreme Court Justice– Thurgood Marshall). But stay for the activities like play seminars, play orientations, repertory magic, and production seminars.

With the season coming to a close on October 8th, there’s still time to catch some of the well known shows such as Thurgood. Find the one-man show, Thurgood, at the Old Sorrel to observe Derek Livingston, Utah Shakespeare Festival interim artistic director, take the stage.

“Meet Thurgood Marshall: Lawyer. Civil rights activist. The first African American Supreme Court justice. In this acclaimed one-man play, you witness Marshall transform from a young and spirited dissenter to a pensive and wise justice. From his early days as a civil rights lawyer to his years on the highest court in the land, Thurgood Marshall stood for justice while lifting the standing of his race, and of all Americans.”


Tickets remain for the last two weeks of shows. Grab yours for Thurgood or the other great acts. They can be purchased at www.bard.org 

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