Salt Lake City, Utah (Good Things Utah) — In September 2022, Comcast announced it had begun the nation’s largest and fastest rollout of multi-gig speeds – planning to reach more than 50 million homes and businesses by 2025 – making it the largest- and fastest-ever multi-gig deployment in the United States.  The initiative will also accelerate the evolution of Comcast’s network to a cloud-based, virtualized, architecture that is fully 10G ready.    

Under this initiative Comcast is immediately rolling out download speeds up to 2 Gigs – combined with up to 5x-to-10x faster upload speeds – to millions of homes and businesses; available in parts of 34 cities and towns before the end of 2022; more than 50 million homes and businesses by the end of 2025; and continuing throughout the entire network.

For Xfinity customers: extending new multi-gigabit network speeds throughout the home with the multi-gig-capable Wi-Fi 6E Gateway, xFi connected home platform, and xFi Pod Wi-Fi extenders. Completing the core technical foundation for 10G, which will deliver multi-gig symmetrical speeds over the connections already installed in tens of millions of homes and businesses.

Finalizing the transition to a cloud-based, virtualized network that enables faster speeds, and greater reliability for customers, while also implementing a network architectural update that enables greater upload and download capacity.

Comcast will invest billions of dollars each year to expand and evolve its network, and this work will represent a significant portion of the investment. However, because of the technical efficiency of this approach and the investments they’ve already made in digitizing, they expect to be able to complete this work without affecting their recent capital intensity ratios for network investment. Beyond that, they are not providing specific investment details for this project. 

As Comcast has done with previous network upgrades, this work is for everyone, not just specific markets, or specific neighborhoods within markets. They will have these updates underway in 34 cities and towns before the end of this year and completed for the substantial majority of their network before the end of 2025.

Thanks to this approach, customers across the widest range of backgrounds and experiences will enjoy the benefits of this work throughout every phase of their rollout. This is how they’ve always delivered network upgrades and improvements. 

One of the key benefits of the approach they’ve chosen is that it’s minimally disruptive to customers, compared to other approaches. On a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis, and in most cases, customers should only be down for a few hours while their teams cut over to the enhanced technology. As with all planned work, they’ll provide ample prior communication as to when work will be occurring so customers can plan around this important work. As much as possible, they’ll complete this work overnight to further minimize impact.

If you would like to know more about Comcast in Utah, visit their website.

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