(Good Things Utah) Camping season is upon and Utah is a prime destination for those looking to experience all the great outdoors has to offer. For anyone who enjoys a good campout, there’s nothing quite like a cool night sitting by the campfire with those you love. And everyone knows that no campfire is complete without the traditional roasted marshmallows on a stick.

But for the camper who’s hoping to make the most of their experience, roasting using an ordinary stick can result in frustration as they’re often too short, flimsy, and require uncomfortable turning of the wrist to brown marshmallows evenly. So what other options are there?

Created by two brothers from South Jordan to address this need in the outdoor market, the Wolf’em Stick is the latest innovation in camping tools that are changing the game for marshmallow enthusiasts around the nation. Originally introduced in 2013 and now with 80,000 units sold, The Wolf’em Stick is the ultimate way to create the perfect roasted marshmallow, smores, or hot dogs with no hassle.

Featuring an easy-to-use rotary handle, hot dog/marshmallow attachment, and biscuit cup roaster — Wolf’em Stick opens campers up to a whole new world of flavor possibilities.

Using the simple biscuit attachment, anyone can easily create a Wolf’em — a biscuit cup slowly baked over a fire for crispy edges and an assortment of delicious fillings, savory or sweet. Use toppings like cheese, meat, and veggies for a yummy dinner, then fill another with ingredients like fruits, whipped cream, pudding, and more for a sweet treat afterward.

Customers are raving about the Wolf’em Stick, often commenting how simple it is to make delicious campfire grub with just one tool. “This is by far the most amazing thing that will be brought to any campfire,” says Robert, a customer from Salt Lake City.

Campers are sure to love the Wolf’em Stick as each sale comes with a Money-Back Guarantee.

To learn more about them and shop for your own, visit them online at wolfem.com.

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