This place will make your kid enjoy going to the dentist

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(GTU) – Fun and dentistry don’t typically go hand and hand. Many children have anxiety or outright fear about visiting the dentist. Having your teeth messed with just isn’t considered ‘a happy place’ for them. Every child has different needs and tolerances, which is why personalized dental care is the main aim of kids’ first dentistry.

If your child is scared of the dentist or you want to make sure they never become afraid in the first place, finding a kid’s specific practice is absolutely essential.

Kaleidoscope Kids Dentistry is a family-oriented pediatric dental practice that just opened in Salt Lake City. Their Murray located pediatric dentist office brings the fun and ease of gentle kid’s dentistry combined with the most advanced dental treatments available. Their specifically designed pediatric dentistry facilities are built with children and fun in mind. The equipment is less fearsome, the decor is fun and inviting, and the team understands how to keep children happy and calm.

The office has multiple custom-designed rooms to keep kids cozy, comfortable, and most importantly, distracted. Kids love the space so much that they start to forget why they are at the dentist in the first place. It makes it easy for you, your kid, and the dentist.

Regular dental exams for children are a critical part of preventive health care. Ari Hobfall DMD Board Certified Pediatric Dentist created a kid-friendly dentist experience, providing your child with a dental visit they can actually look forward to. Don’t let your kids shy away from the dentist. Take them to Kaleidoscope Kids Dentistry.

Join Dr. Ari Hobfool and Kaleidoscope Kids Dentistry for their Grand Opening Open House, Friday, September 17th 4:30pm-7:30pm.

Visit Kaleidoscope Kids Dentistry now.

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