SALT LAKE CITY (Good Things Utah) — Our mental health affects all aspects of daily life. And most individuals suffer from some form of mental distress, often treated by prescription medication. For those seeking a more proactive solution to their mental health, Restorative Health in Utah provides patients with holistic medical care including ketamine infusions, hormone therapy, and more. The practice puts a focus on promoting health rather than disease management.

During the Ketamine Infusion Treatments, patients are introduced to a low-light environment and talk therapy, where they’re engaged in areas of improvement as the ketamine takes effect. The treatment is designed to open up the mind and rejuvenate a patient’s mental strength.

This is meant to treat conditions like depression, anxiety, addiction, chronic pain, and PTSD, among others. Experts recommend between 6 to 10 treatments for depression-oriented plans.

To learn more and schedule an appointment, visit them online or call/text to 385-449-0565.

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