SALT LAKE CITY (Good Things Utah) — While we all know of plasma centers in town, many of us still don’t understand how important this plasma is in saving lives every day. One of the leading names in the industry, Grifols, is a trusted brand with Plasma Donation Centers located all around Utah. These centers include Biomat USA, Talecris Plasma Resources, and IBBI.

What is plasma? Plasma provides the foundation behind some of the world’s most lifesaving medicines. These plasma medicines are used by patients with chronic, often rare diseases such as immunodeficiencies, bleeding disorders, liver disease, and more.

Unlike whole blood donations, it’s safe and easy to donate plasma as the body easily recovers what was lost within just 48 hours. Because of this, those who choose to give plasma can do so up to two times a week — as opposed to the eight-week wait for recovery after a blood donation.

As the need for plasma medicines grows, so too does the need for these donations. From collecting plasma to producing life-saving medications, Grifols takes ownership of each step of the process to ensure the health of both donors and patients.

How can you tell if you’re eligible to donate? To give plasma, a donor must be at least 18 years old, weigh at least 110 pounds, and have good health overall. The process is simple and will make a world of difference for those patients who need it.

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