(Good Things Utah) This year, doTERRA has introduced us to amazing women making a big difference in our communities. This month is no different, as doTERRA is taking the time to highlight the hard-working women in its corporate offices.

Responsible for creating a cohesive and positive experience for more than 10 million doTERRA clients, Shannon Bible was named the company’s Vice President of Global Customer Experience. Now serving since January 2022, she’s quickly learned what makes her company and team so successful.

“It’s been an adventure,” remarks Shannon about her new role. “My favorite part of the job is that I get to pull together amazingly talented people with different strengths, different capabilities, and different perspectives. Then, collectively as a team, we come up with a solution or answer to a problem… That makes everything worthwhile. It’s so much fun to work in that type of environment.”

doTERRA has a long-standing reputation for creating the highest-quality essential oils on the market — helping customers everywhere to look and feel their best. It sources its oils from around the globe to ensure every product is all-natural and pure. Combined with its various humanitarian efforts, doTERRA is on a mission to heal the world and give people the resources needed to become self-empowered.

Inspiring women to follow their dreams is another huge proponent of the doTERRA brand.

According to Shannon: “I look for opportunities to volunteer or take on new responsibilities. That was really eye-opening for me… Be curious, be innovative, and find yourself a great path.”

To learn more and browse its collection of essential oils, go online to doTERRA.com.

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