(Good Things Utah) Giving our children a strong educational upbringing can make a world of difference later on in their school careers. Traditional daycares and pre-schools are designed to help our children to learn the essential skills needed before going into K-12. Though, many programs lack an interactive curriculum and are missing out on the hands-on learning kids respond to best.

Discovery Kids Academy is a one-of-a-kind childcare center that goes the extra mile with children, giving them all the lessons and resources needed to start school with confidence.

Located on the border of St. George, Santa Clara, and Ivins, Discovery Kids Academy is housed in a massive facility — approximately 7,800 square feet with 12 classrooms, a library, a music room, a fitness room, a STEM center, and a large multi-purpose area. The center also gives kids a large lunchroom along with two playgrounds for little children and preschool/school-age children. Each room in the center also includes a bathroom for added convenience.

Attendance is open to children ages six weeks to 12 years.

This premier childcare center provides kids with an extensive proprietary curriculum that is teacher-prepared and time-tested. Karen Hill — founder of Discovery Kids Academy — had created this curriculum to accompany the 26 children’s books she’s written over her career.

Beginning around age 2, the curriculum teaches important skills with intentional play activities following the five strands of early childhood learning: Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills, Pretend Play, Language Experiences, and Creative/Sensory Experiences.

The program was designed to teach children the routines and principles that will be familiar to them. When they enter school, this preparation will make for a seamless transition.

To learn more, go online to DiscoveryKidsAcademy.com or call (435) 525-3588.

Meet Karen Hill

“Karen has owned, operated and directed multiple successful childcare facilities in Utah since 2012. She earned a Bachelor of Education degree majoring in English Literature and Music, and taught elementary and high school for over 20 years.  After returning to university in 2008, Karen was awarded a Masters degree in International Service and has participated in extensive humanitarian work and international education in Jamaica, England and Canada. 

Karen is known for her passion, commitment and high spirit.  Her love of reading, writing and her work in the classroom have given her many opportunities to create poetry, short stories, dramas, songs and a variety of curriculum. Karen is the author of 26 children’s books and an extensive children’s curriculum.

Karen is the mother of four grown children and has seven grandchildren.”

Courtesy: Discovery Kids Academy

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