(Good Things Utah) Several traits make for a cozy home — color, function, and maybe most important, its organization. By simply giving our spaces some order, they instantly look more welcoming. And this goes for every room in the house, from the master bedroom to the mudroom.

For anyone getting things in order here locally, Closet Factory is a one-stop shop for everything they’ll need and more. First opened in 1983, the company grew quickly as trusted experts for the highest quality custom closets, offices, entertainment centers, garages, and more.

Of the many reasons why they’ve become a go-to destination for organizing, one of the most distinguishing traits is its amazing customer experience. From the beginning, the talented team of designers at Closet Factory work collaboratively with clients to make sure each piece of the project is just right.

Once the design and purpose have been decided, the team at Closet Factory works to create all the necessary parts for the final product. Even the lighting is taken into consideration, giving perfect illumination to a space.

When completed, clients will have the storage system they’ve always dreamt of that will last for generations to come.

To learn more and schedule a design consultation, go online to ClosetFactory.com or call them at 801-972-5757.

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