(Good Things Utah) Blankets are a necessity for any household. They provide warmth, comfort, and security. Though, there is more to blankets than just their practical uses. These home essentials can also help to relax the mind and body in times of distress.

Individuals of all ages and backgrounds have used fidget tools to relieve sensory overload and offer an outlet for improved focus. Fidget tools are typically small enough for on-the-go and movement-based to allow for repeated manipulation. These devices can be an important conduit for stress and focus but are easy to lose and often have an unpleasant sound.

Offering an improved solution with the same self-regulating results, The Fidget Blanket is the newest innovation in comfort from Blankets By Brian.

It gives users a soft plush Minky fur surface with marbles integrated with each design. By guiding the marbles randomly or through the built-in maze, those who need stress relief can find it in the fabrics of these blankets.

Blankets are approximately 9″ x 13″ — slightly larger than a piece of paper — with satin edges and faux fur (Minky) on both sides. Each is densely-packed with fibers facing different directions to create calming ridges and valleys.

The Fidget Blanket is a hassle-free tool to take anywhere — easily foldable to store in a jacket pocket or bag. They’re ideal for a variety of things like school, traveling, meetings, buses, and much more. Even better, many have successfully curbed bad habits using these sensory devices.

These blankets are wash-friendly and very durable, giving users relief for years to come.

Blankets By Brian

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