(Good Things Utah) Living with any degree of hearing loss can make everyday routines far more difficult. According to recent data, there are currently over 37 million adults having some form of hearing loss in the United States. And as many who have it will often choose to suffer in silence, this hearing deficit is even more problematic.

“On average, a person will actually wait 7 years from the time they know they have a problem till they do something about it,” remarks Matt Dearing, Director of Education at My Hearing Centers. “That whole time they increase their risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression. And they’re four times more likely to have anxiety…”

Giving new hope to sufferers around the nation, My Hearing Centers operates out of over 100 offices in several states. The industry professionals on this team ensure that each patient is educated, comfortable, and given the highest level of care on the market.

Of the many solutions there for patients at My Hearing Centers, one of the most exciting additions to the collection is a new hearing device named Widex MOMENT. The sound experience with these aids is unmatched, using Pure Sound Technology to amplify the surroundings of its wearer.

This AI technology makes real-time adjustments on the spot, giving wearers real-time sounds as clear as day. It comes in three different models, also including an option that can rest completely in the ear canal (CIC-M).

My Hearing Centers is seeking 100 people with problems hearing to evaluate the new Widex MOMENT hearing aid. To receive a FREE evaluation and see if you qualify for this 30-day trial, call them at (801) 506-6335.

To learn more, go online to MyHearingCenters.com.

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