Kekai is the creator and founder of Kai Pops Island Style Popsicles and today’s Gatehouse Loves Local company. Kekai created it when he was only 9 years old while spending his summers in Hawaii with his grandma. Kai Pops is one way of “Sharing the Aloha!”

Kai Pops is an island-inspired popsicle. Kekai brought his popsicles back to Utah to earn some summer cash and would pack a cooler around at his brother’s football games and sell out. Kekai slowly started to create a bit of a fan base. In 2020, Kekai focused on selling them through Instagram. They really took off after that. Kekai and his family has met some really incredible people and other entrepreneurs along the way that have encouraged them and helped grow the business.

At the beginning of this year, Swig approached Kai Pops and asked if they’d be willing to get them into all of their locations. Due to the demand, they had to hire a packing facility to handle that amount of popsicles. But Kekai has been there every step of the way. Kekai is still just a kid, he loves soccer, video games, wrestling with his brothers. But he also knows how to put in a really hard day of work, and understands what it is worth to him. Kekai’s next step is he wants to be on Shark Tank, he’s a huge fan of the show.

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