The “We’re Hear For You” Program: Listening to those in need

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Jason Frampton from Ken Garff Automotive joined Nicea this morning on Good Things Utah to talk about their brand new “We’re Hear For You” program. The program, which started last week, will go for eight straight weeks until July 23. As businesses slowly began to open back up, Ken Garff employees wanted to do more to support small businesses and local communities in need. 

The “We’re Hear For You” program is aimed at purchasing goods and services from small businesses and donating them to communities in need. Ken Garff employees understand that everyone has been affected in one way or another from this pandemic. They believe that our ability to get through this is tied directly to our determination to support one another.

To get things started, Ken Garff Nissan Downtown in Salt Lake kicked off the first act of service with supplies and an ice cream truck for displaced women and children at Salt Lake’s YWCA. Ken Garff employees shopped for clothes and food locally and gave them to the families at YWCA. For the kids, they brought an ice cream truck, which of course made everybody happy. In American Fork, employees provided lunch from local restaurants to essential workers at a hospital, multiple fire departments, and police stations as well. They even surprised some senior citizens in Centerville and paid for their groceries when they were checking out one morning.

Ken Garff employees feel the best way to start summer this year is by giving to deserving people in the community. They also want to support local businesses by buying from local businesses.

“It is extremely rewarding to help lighten the load of our neighbors and hard-working community members as we work through this pandemic together,” said Jason Frampton.

Individual dealerships are planning their own ways to help small businesses or their community and which local businesses to buy from. It’s a little bit of brightness to give hope during the trying times we’re in.

Visit the “We’re Hear For You” program from Ken Garff Automotive to learn what other dealerships are doing to help out.

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