The ultimate cuddle blanket for the holidays

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(Good Things Utah) – Let’s be honest, you could walk into just about any department store and find a dozen plush blankets, some of which you might even get on sale. But after using it extensively, what are the chances the blanket retains the buttery-soft feel that made you fall in love with it in the first place? It’s unlikely.

Don’t settle for a cheap, standard option from your local Target. If you buy a blanket this holiday season make sure it doesn’t become unnecessary clutter or something that is destined to float around the living room with no permanent home. Thankfully, one Utah blanket company has what one would call the best plush blankets of 2021.

When it comes to gift-giving this holiday season or just buying a blanket for you and your family, you should buy something unique that is guaranteed to last. Blankets By Brian, a Utah-based luxury blanket and accessories boutique, makes high-quality, custom-made, plush blankets and wraps that come in a variety of sizes, fabrics, and patterns.

To keep your blanket feeling soft all year long, Blankets By Brian also provides simple care instructions with every product they sell to help you maintain the softness and quality, making a Blanket By Brian blanket your “forever blanket.”

For more information or to see the entire collection, visit Blankets By Brian. Be sure to follow Blankets By Brian on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with the latest deals and coupons.

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