(Good Things Utah) Get out those reading glasses — it’s time to dive into another adventure from the archives of The Book Break! This week, talented author Stephen T. Collis is talking about the newest book in his collection called Praying with the Enemy.

“I found this out-of-print memoir — it’d been out of print for 50 years,” says Stephen about this latest edition to his series of novels. “For 20 years I thought I’ve got to tell this story… We were able to bring it to life for a new generation.”

Don’t miss your chance to meet the author, himself, on June 16th in Deseret Books at City Creek Center. The address is 45 W Temple, Salt Lake City, and the event goes from 5pm to 7pm.

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By Stephen T. Collis

This book is presented by Shadow Mountain Publishing and is based on the true story of Captain Ward Millar. It follows the pilot’s journey after he’s ejected over enemy territory in North Korea — leaving him critically injured when he’s captured by Chinese and North Korean soldiers.

During his time as a prisoner of war, Captain Millar continued feeding the enemy false information despite being starved, interrogated, and threatened. In his race against time to escape his imprisonment, he must find a way to get out before his captors discovered his ultimate plan.

North Korean soldier Kim Jae Pil was experiencing struggles of his own — disagreeing with the Communist views of his country and scared his family would be punished for their Christian faith. Desperate to escape the army he no longer feels right fighting for, he and Captain Millar eventually cross paths and become allies.

Through the joint forces of Captain Millar and Kim, the two work together to flee the country and find the freedom they’d been praying for.

Praying with the Enemy is a thrilling read, highlighting the inspiring story of courage and an unlikely friendship that would ultimately make the difference between life and death.

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