If you catch yourself repeatedly shouting, “WHAT, I can’t hear you”, when starting a conversation, it might be time you consider getting hearing aids. Did you know that even Santa wears hearing aids? How else do you think he communicates with Ms. Claus and the elves?

The holidays are coming up and hearing loss can make it difficult to enjoy conversations with family. My Hearing Centers wants to change that. My Hearing Centers is seeking 100 individuals who have problems hearing to evaluate the Silk X in what they are calling the, “Hear for the Holidays”, 60-Day, risk-free trial.

Silk X is one of the world’s smallest hearing aids. The aid is smartly designed to be almost unnoticeable, allowing you to feel more confident in your appearance, and in your hearing. The hearing aid can also pair to your phone to play music or make phone calls. With this special offer, you can enjoy Silk X, the world’s most discreet and useful hearing aid on a 60-days risk-free trial.

For more information visit MyHearingCenters.com or call (801) 506-6335.

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