The Orange Peel used 1,750 cases of fresh strawberries because “you can’t ‘fake’ that real fruit taste”

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This smoothy, boba tea, and Açai dream shop, nothing is pre-mixed or pre-made, it’s fresh and delicious every time.

The Orange Peel uses a non-dairy base made with dried coconut milk that creates a sweet and creamy texture. They then combine this scrumptious base with fresh high-quality fruits and fruit juices and produce one awesome healthy and delicious drink.

At the Orange Peel, they believe in making smoothies taste AWESOME without compromising the health and well-being of their customers.

We used over 1,900  cases of fresh bananas a year, and 1,750 cases of fresh strawberry in our smoothies. 

Annette Graf, Co-Owner od The Orange Peel

So, what makes their smoothies have that real fresh fruit taste?

Well, real fruit and juice of course – and lots of it. To put it this way, they never sell drinks suspected to be unhealthy in any way. After all, health as humans should always take top priority.

When ordering your smoothie on the OP menu, you will have the opportunity to choose from a wide list of healthy infusions to add to your drink and treat your body to exactly what it needs – nourishment. You may also want to go naked – with your smoothie that is, (don’t get any ideas) and cut out everything that isn’t natural. Their naked smoothies are composed of 100% all-natural ingredients, even down to the honey that sweetens it.

Check out some of their most delicious creations:

The delicious smoothies you’ll find at OP locations weren’t created by chance. Their creation is the brainchild of Derek and Annette Graf. In 2006 the Graf’s decided that something must be done about the way smoothies were created and sold to people. Too many other smoothie shops were busy dishing out the lowest cost, money-making drinks they could think of, all at the detriment of their customer’s health.

If you want a drink that not only tastes healthy but actually is, The Orange Peel in St George is the place to go.

Learn more by visiting the Orange Peel now.

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