The most effective methodology for long-term sobriety

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Sobriety is a lifelong journey, not just a simple destination that can be fixed by rehab.

With the belief that true recovery includes spiritual healing. It has been their experience that the approach has proven to be the most successful.

A major component of the Rennasaince Ranch program is the 12-step program, which is the most successful widespread addiction recovery philosophy in history.

They offer clinically proven and evidence-based practices utilizing multiple treatment modalities in conjunction with an authentic 12-step approach and a combination of spiritual and faith-based principles, including but not limited to EMDR for those suffering from trauma. 

Rennasaince Ranch isn’t just for rehab though. The center offers the foundations of love and hope in the lives of those suffering from addiction through Gospel-centered solutions. Professionals support every person in the discovery of their mind, emotion, body, and spirit through an atmosphere of acceptance and respect. They work tirelessly to assist each individual in the development and realization of their fullest potential.

Another major aspect of that program delves into spiritual growth and even explicitly recognizes the need to turn the power over one’s self over to a higher power (although that higher power can be up to your personal interpretation). They ask that all individuals seeking treatment at Renaissance Ranch be open to this spiritual aspect of their addiction recovery.

Renaissance Ranch is committed to providing its residents with professional, private service and compassionate treatment. Their secluded ranch estate is designed to promote healing and recovery through an atmosphere of love, support, and respect. Struggles with addiction are exceptionally challenging, don’t hesitate to find out more about Renaissance Ranch.

They are one of the best and most premiere rehabs in the state of Utah. The exceptional clinical and support staff is made up of highly caring and qualified individuals who work to find the best rehabilitation possible.

Visit Renaissance Ranch now.

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