(Good Things Utah) Sleep apnea is an obstruction of the airways, which can significantly interrupt a person’s ability to breathe. This can cause individuals to snore loudly, wake up choking or gasping, have a feeling of dry throat, and get frequent headaches. There are pre-apnea indicators of sleep apnea like when an individual wakes up with jaw pain and head pain — both a sign of the teeth grinding overnight as the body attempts to bring in more air.

One of the biggest factors affecting sleep apnea has to do with the alignment of the spine. At the top of the spine, where the head and spine meet, the central nervous system regulates breathing. When stress is applied to this point, airways are cut off, and because the body is fighting for air, so individuals will notice the common signs of sleep apnea occurring during rest.

“When that area becomes non-functional or not ideally as functional as it could be, then it affects the breathing centers,” says Dr. Chris Chapman with The Lift Clinic in Salt Lake City. “…then the airway gets smaller, just like if you have nerve damage, then the muscle starts to atrophy and gets weak. It’s the same sort of principle.”

There are several ways to treat apnea, with the most well-known being a CPAP Machine at night. While this can help patients, the end benefits are limited as the initial problem is still not being addressed. For patients at The Lift Clinic, their symptoms are vetted comprehensively to make sure they have sleep apnea before any treatment or procedures are performed.

Dr. Chapman remarks, “If you have this problem, it’s very discernable on 3D imaging. We get to look at the cranium’s cervical junction and look for any malposition there that might be affecting the central nervous system — which controls the airway…”

At The Lift Clinic, a non-surgical procedure is performed called T.A.P. (Transdermal Atlas Positioning) to easily re-align the spine and restore natural breathing at night. Patients will feel results just a few minutes after a visit with a trained doctor, with them often noticing amazing results throughout the entire body — as their regular posture has been restored.

During the month of May, the clinic is hosting FREE consultations for visitors experiencing issues like sleep apnea. For more information, visit them online at TheLiftClinic.com.

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