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Need a new car? Scott Harding, the general manager at Larry H. Miller Honda, has the one for you. The 2017 Honda Accord touring model is the current hottest selling car, it’s top of the line with many great features. 

The car is packed with everything you could ever want or need in a car. The car comes with a back up camera, bluetooth for hands free driving, nice trimmed leather seats, and led lights. The car also has nearly 300 horsepower and a sun roof, perfect for cruising on summer days. 

If the car is catching your attention there’s a price range for everybody with a Honda Accord. If you’re interested in leasing a vehicle, along with a warranty that keeps your covered for three years, it would lease out under $200 a month just under that for $189. 

If the price sounds right but you’re worried about safety the Honda has got you covered there too. The Honda is rated at the top for ford safety, The Honda has got their ace safety system on this, protecting all occupants in the car even in the case of a roll over.

With a great price and safety, style is next on the list. The Honda Accord has a sporty exterior, that comes in several classic colors such as white and black. White and silver are the top selling colors at the current dealers. 

If a new car sounds good to you head down to the dealership today or visit

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