The difference ‘powered water’ makes in carpet cleaning

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Carpet cleaning can be a sticky business, but with Zerorez there’s nothing left behind. Jake Stone, general manager of Zerorez Salt Lake City, shared the difference between their technology and “the other guys.” 

Unlike their competitors, Zerorez does not use soap to clean, but rather what they call Powered Water.  Water is run through an electrolysis process, altering the molecule. It is slick to the touch and has all the cleaning properties of soap, but none of the side effects. Soap can be difficult to rinse out and often leaves a sticky residue in carpet. Powered Water eliminates the need for soap and dries just like water, leaving nothing behind.

Zerorez also has an exclusive product called MicroSeal. MicroSeal penetrates the fiber to its core and protects it from the inside out from both permanant stains and sun damage. It can be used on nearly any fabric, from carpet to furniture to leather.

Zerorez is currenly offering a 3-Room cleaning special: 3 rooms pretreated, cleaned, and Zerorezified for $89.95. For more information or to schedule a cleaning, visit or call (801) 288-9376.

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