Salt Lake City-based CaptionCall provides captioned telephone service for hard-of-hearing people. Scott Wood, CEO of CaptionCall, joined Good Things Utah to tell us more about the company and its product.

With the CaptionCall phone, you can simultaneously hear and read what the other person is saying. The CaptionCall phone displays big, easy-to-read text that automatically scrolls on the phone during a conversation. CaptionCall callers are also supported by amplifying the sound to better hear the caller’s voice. The CaptionCall phone dials, rings, and works just like a regular phone, and then we utilize live captioning agents and voice recognition technology to generate captions of what the user’s callers say.

CaptionCall is for anyone who has hearing loss that makes it difficult for them to use the phone or for whom having captions would allow them to use the phone more effectively. The CaptionCall phone is for people experiencing hearing loss, regardless of the cause – whether it’s from illness, an injury, loud working conditions, military service, or simply getting older and having their hearing decline.

During the pandemic, the need to connect with others has been more important than ever, so the demand for phone calls has soared. They’ve answered and captioned an unprecedented number of phone calls for people with hearing loss.

There is no cost for the phone because CaptionCall’s service is mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), administered by the Federal Communications Commission, and funded by contributions from telecommunications companies.

To learn more visit CaptionCall now.

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