SALT LAKE CITY (Good Things Utah) — There are many unique causes and cases of homelessness. An expensive housing market, rising costs of living, and lack of access to affordable mental healthcare, among other reasons, all contribute to the growing numbers of homeless individuals here in Utah. Data shows that approximately 14,000 Utahns will experience homelessness this year.

For over five decades, a local nonprofit organization called the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake has worked to feed, shelter, cloth, and overall help those who experience homelessness in our state. This has all been made possible with the help of generous donations.

While there may be more homeless camps popping up around the Wasatch Front, it can actually be detrimental to give money directly to panhandlers as it can be misused and oftentimes given to those homeless who don’t truly need it.

Instead, Rescue Mission of Salt Lake encourages donors to give directly to the organization as they perform weekly outreach to these homeless camps to offer help.

Chris Croswhite with Rescue Mission of Salt Lake says, “We’re sending outreach teams two to three times a week into our homeless camps to work with the people that are camping, to provide just really basic life’s necessities. But then, invite them back to The Rescue Mission so that they can have comprehensive care.”

To learn more and donate to the cause, go online to

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