(Good Things Utah) – Hey foodies in northern Utah, are you tired of driving all the way to Salt Lake or Provo for a delicious fried chicken sandwich? Now you don’t have to.

Katy Sine from Taste Utah visited Dirty Bird Fried Chxx, a specialty chicken sandwich restaurant in Ogden, Utah. Dirty Bird Fried Chxx is Nashville-inspired, hip, connective, and pushing the culinary boundaries through southern hospitality & fried chicken.

There are a lot of great chicken sandwiches out there, but this innovative restaurant offers 3 amazing versions of its chicken sandwich. Make sure you try all three at somepoint.

Dirty Bird Fried Chxx Ogden location opened on September 10, 2021, located on 350 Park Blvd. Ogden, UT 84401.

Go to Dirty Bird Fried Chxx now and check out the menu! For more restaurants, visit Taste Utah.

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