The Aquarium is open in time for Shark Week!

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Ashley Kerbs, Ambassador Animal Manager with The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium joins Reagan on Good Things Utah with Jack the armadillo!

Jack is a southern three-banded armadillo also called the La Plata three-banded armadillo and is an armadillo species from South America and the only species of armadillos capable of rolling into a complete ball to defend themselves

The three characteristic bands that cover the back of the animal allow it enough flexibility to fit its tail and head together, allowing it to protect its underbelly, limbs, eyes, nose, and ears from predators. The shell covering its body is armored and the outer layer is made out of keratin, the same protein that builds human fingernails. They are typically a yellow or brownish color.

The three-banded armadillo has a long, sticky, straw-like pink tongue that allows it to gather up and eat many different species of insects, typically ants and termites. In captivity, armadillos also eat foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Due to COVID-19, The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium was closed on March 14 and was closed for two months before reopening on May 9. Unfortunately, Aquarium ticket and Membership sales account for a large portion of overall funding and help support the continued care of the animals.

The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium just launched a donation campaign called Feed the Fishes to help cover some of the expenses we had during our closure. They are grateful to all of their partners who came forward and helped during the closure and excited to start having people visit again.

The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is open daily with online reservations and they’re following all CDC and local guidelines. Including but not limited to:

  • Masks are required for ages 2 and up per the Salt Lake County mandate
  • Encouraged social distancing
  • Hand sanitizer stations throughout the Aquarium
  • Cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day

Coming Up!

Sink your teeth into Shark Week at the Aquarium August 9 – 16 and come face-to-face with over 10 species of sharks. The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium will have a pledge wall at the Aquarium where you can make a pledge to help sharks.

We will have lots of fun digital content you can view on our social media channels during the week including:

  • A shark dive talk – hear from one of our Aquarists who dives with the sharks!
  • Can you train a shark? Yes – our sharks are trained and we’ll show you how we train them and why.
  • The Website is full of great materials where you can learn more about sharks.

During Shark week you can learn how the overall health of our oceans depends on sharks, and discover ways you can help declining shark populations around the world. 

Visit The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium website for more information on events or follow their social media channels: Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube.

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