SALT LAKE CITY (Good Things Utah) — Winter weather is certainly going to hit hard this season here in Utah, which means drivers must move fast if they want any hope of braving the rougher roads ahead. There are several things to do to prepare for winter, but our friends at Ken Garff Automotive Group have narrowed the list down to 3 essential areas that every driver must check before hazardous conditions hit.

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The 3 Important Areas to Check on Our Cars for Winter Driving

1. Snow Tires

Having tires that are designed specifically for snowy or icy conditions can make a huge difference — especially here in Utah. Find those tires with a more aggressive tread that can handle the roads in any local terrain.

Also, make sure that tire storage is accounted for. Ken Garff dealerships can mount and balance snow tires for $99, then even store your summer set for a fee.

2. Windshield Wipers

While we all know the importance of wiper blades, most of us don’t realize how time can affect the quality. Eventually, the rubber section on the blades can split, tear, and degrade — sometimes even damaging the windshield.

Experts recommend changing them out at the end of every season to ensure proper safety on the road.

3. Alignment

Many road factors lead to our vehicles going out of alignment. Factors like inclement weather, potholes, and construction, among others, can easily cause this misalignment and tires to wear prematurely.

Check this at least once a year to ensure the health of tires and safety while out in inclement weather.

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