(GTU) – Our producer friend in Los Angeles, Debbie Durkin, produced her 15th Annual ECOLUXE ‘Endless Summer’ Experience in celebration of the 73rd Primetime EMMY AWARDS and television’s biggest night. 

Debbie created history and pioneered the very first Celebrity Lounge Drive-Thru in the nation last September in the throes of the pandemic with no vaccine insight by working with Hilton corporation and their partner Lysol to install correct mandates to prioritize her crew and celebrities health safety. Debbie wanted to inspire the country to get back to work, so she registered the hashtag #EventResponsibly to promote her cause on social media.

This year her event was a walk-through event still using the same methods: guests presented vaccine cards, temperatures taken at the door with a contactless thermometer, everyone was masked and socially distanced with hand sanitizing stations throughout the event held in the gorgeous outdoor Wilshire Gardens at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. 

Debbie focused on brands good for self-care since the pandemic incarnation of self-care isn’t about buying a signature outfit, wearing a trendy shade of lipstick, or getting a perfect haircut. It has put the purpose and meaning of LIFE front and center, reconfiguring priorities.

Here are some of the healthy products that the TV STARS LOVE:


SMARTWATER+ is vapor-distilled for purity with electrolytes added for a fresh, crisp taste. staying hydrated is the most important component of feeling your best.

Honest Tea

Honest tea leaves are picked by hand. “Pluckers” in their very own tea gardens in China and India select the delicate top two leaves and the bud of the Camellia sinensis plant, which is the single source of the black, green, white, and oolong varieties they brew. Just because it’s bottled, doesn’t mean it isn’t real brewed. Honest Tea heat water and steep their tea leaves before bottling, just like you’d do at home.

Sea Solution Organic Beauty

Ever heard of the amazing natural and vegan ingredient called Sea Moss? These amazing algae are found in the ocean. Where it stores its natural superpower minerals. This ingredient made the owners of Sea Solution Organic Beauty want to share its full potential with everyone!


The full name of this unique form of the mineral was discovered by a team from MIT is called magnesium L-threonate.

Other types – such as magnesium citrate, chloride, oxide, or sulfate – all offer their own advantages, but only Magtein® has been proven by clinical studies to cross the blood-brain barrier. In other words, when you ingest Magtein®, some of the magnesium L-threonate is distributed to various areas of the body, where it assists in regulating heart and lung function, muscular contractions, hydration, and more than 300 other vital processes.

Merci Life Co.

Collagen production declines 1% each year after age 20. Hair loss, wrinkles, lackluster skin, and brittle nails are no coincidence. Bare Beauty delivers antioxidant-rich, collagen-boosting nutrients that will take you back in time. Merci Life Co. uses clean label, clinically proven ingredients: safe, tested, and backed by science.

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