Salt Lake City, Utah (Good Things Utah) — Brock VanZweden, CEO, and Trista Loomis CMO of Quintessence Health and Wellness joined us today to talk about how they’ve been able to help clients improve their overall health by promoting patients to live life on their terms.

Brock has a history in home health and hospice care and during his career he realized that there was a gap in communication between providers and the options and choices for treatments and services for patients.

Trista Loomis is the CMO and Client care coordinator. With a degree in Business Management from U of U. She has an appreciation for every service they offer. She is also dedicated to sharing her love for all things beauty and wellness.

Brock and Trista want to help their patients look good, live good, and feel good and they’ve created a team that can help do that by empowering patients to live the highest quality of life that they can.

In turn, Brock wanted a name that would illustrate the same thing. In turn, he came up with Quintessence, in ancient and medieval philosophy it means, the fifth essence, or ultimate substance, of which the heavenly bodies were thought to be composed:  distinguished from the four elements – air, fire, water, and earth.

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