(Good Things Utah) We’ve all come to know many television families over the decades, each giving us relatable stories and characters to follow each week. While we’ve grown close to various sitcom families, there are few as familiar as The Brady Bunch. First aired in 1969, the series revolves around a big blended family packed with 6 children.

The show was created by Sherwood Schwartz (known for success with Gilligan’s Island) and it spanned over 5 seasons until its cancellation in 1974. Considered to be a pop culture phenomenon, The Brady Bunch has since been in syndication playing very regularly in the U.S. and abroad.

One of the youngest cast members of the series, Mike Lookinland, played Bobby Brady — kid brother to the sibling group. Nearly 50 years later, he’s now living in Salt Lake City, continuing his passion as an on-screen actor. This year, Mike will be one of the featured guests joining the celebrity roster at the 2022 FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention in September.

Mike looks back fondly on his time with the series, often reuniting with his on-screen siblings. According to Mike: “We all fall right back into our family dynamic that a real family would have… It’s great, we’re all good friends.”

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