(Good Things Utah) – Katy Sine from Taste Utah joined Ripple Desai at her restaurant’s new location in Salt Lake City to get a fresh rundown of their famous Indian/Mexican fusion dishes. Originally opened in Ripple’s hometown of Panguitch, which has a minuscule population of about 1,500, the restaurant has now outgrown its influence and is ready to share its delicious tastes with the rest of the state.

Ripple’s amazingly creative menu boasts a fusion of traditional Indian dishes with that beloved Mexican staple — tacos. So how do you fuze Mexican and Indian cuisine into something that actually tastes good? Well, for example, Ripple uses naan bread as the tortilla, combines slow-roasted beef chorizo tacos with tomatillo chutney, and brings some Bengali flair to her garbanzo beans.

If you are looking for something new, Tandoori Taqueria is guaranteed to satisfy your that craving for both traditional Indian food and tacos, but it’s also a place that with every bite you take, a new experience arises.

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