SALT LAKE CITY (Good Things Utah) — It’s safe to say that candy is the simplest way to satisfy a sweet tooth. We all have our favorites, too, with countless varieties of unique candies on the market today. Here in Utah, we’re certainly no strangers to these sweet treats.

Here in Utah, Startup Candy Company is the state’s oldest candy company and also holds the honor as one of the oldest candy makers in the U.S.

With his original creations made in his England basement in 1820, William Startup developed the first hard candy we know today. Decades later, his son William Startup Jr. took the recipes, molds, and techniques with him to America where Startup Candy was born.

Through generations, the Startup family has perfected the art of making candy. And as the demand grew, Startup Candy expanded its operations and now produces a wholesome selection of candies including Jumbo Pops, Hard Candy Drops, Candy Bears, Suckers, Chocolate, and their classic, Clear Toy Candy.

With 200-year-old metal molds, experts at Startup Candy create Clear Toy Candy in all kinds of shapes and designs. Because the candy makers only made Clear Toy Candy during cold weather to prevent the cloudiness caused by heat and humidity, the candy has also become a special holiday tradition.

“It’s as much technique as it is science,” remarks Justin Williams, co-owner of Startup Candy. “There’s a lot of things that go into it for you to create a good quality candy…”

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