Surgery that makes you look as young as you feel

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Dr. McCann, from the Center For Facials, stopped by the Good Things Utah studio to talk about some of the best and most popular procedures in plastic surgery. 

According to Dr. McCann, many facial procedures can help make your face look as young as you feel. This all helps your face send the proper message to the world so that others do not understand you to be sad, mad, tired or old when you don’t feel that way inside.

Dr. McCann says, by far the most common reason patients see him for cosmetic facial surgery is because the appearance on their face is not consistent with the way they feel on the inside. Most communication is nonverbal and facial expressions are an important part of that. 

“People do not like it when others keep interpreting the appearance of the face to mean something other than the way they feel,” says Dr. McCann.

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