Suicide is preventable: How Reach4Hope is helping communities tackle this serious issue

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(GTU) – As suicide rates continue to rise, so does the need to increase awareness and education. Resources to learn how to recognize when someone is at risk and turn them towards a pathway of hope are brought to you REACH4HOPE.

REACH4HOPE is the Suicide Prevention Coalition in Washington County, that was founded in 2012. They are a coalition of like-minded community partners who are working together using evidence-based strategies and programs to prevent suicide in their community. 

By combining time and resources they are able to maximize their efforts and increase their reach. One of their goals is to get the word out to the community about the work that they’re doing as well as provide valuable resources to those in need. REACH4HOPE wants community members to know that there is always hope.

REACH4HOPE has created Comfort bags and they’re provided to survivors of attempted suicide and families of suicide loss.

Much like CPR, the fundamentals of QPR are easily learned and the application may save a life. The more gatekeepers trained in these skills, the more lives will be saved. Research shows that the majority of those who attempt suicide show warning signs. Yet, those in a position to do something about it are often reluctant to get involved.

Suicide is an uncomfortable topic and can lead a potential helper to denial. Overcoming denial is an important step. People who are thinking about suicide are not necessarily being irrational. They view it as a solution to their problems. Gatekeepers can help them realize there are other solutions:

  • Step 1: Ask a Question “Are you thinking about suicide?”
  • Step 2: Persuade them to get help
  • Step 3: Refer them to a mental health professional

In less than two hours, you can learn skills on how to help prevent suicide. A certified QPR instructor can come to your home, business, or faith community to conduct FREE QPR training.

Additional training’s provided:

  • Safe Zone Training – WCSD counselor training on diversity with a focus on LBGBTQ+
  • QPR Trainings and training for trainers
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Districtwide Hope Squad Training
  • Reducing access to lethal means
  • Gun safe program – Families who have firearms and have an individual living in the home who is at risk for suicide are gifted a biometric gun safe to protect family members in a crisis.  Must be referred by a mental health worker and meet specific criteria.

Also available on FacebookYouTube, and Instagram are Vodcasts. These are bi-monthly video podcasts featuring experts in the psychology field or those with lived experiences in regards to mental health or suicide.


Follow along on the REACH4HOPE website for additional information and locations for these events.

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