(Good Things Utah) Whether you’ve been before or not, there are endless things to do and see at the Utah State Fair. This season’s festivities will run from September 8th through September 18th, giving visitors plenty of time to try it all.

Since 1902, it’s been hosted at the Utah State Fairpark & Event Center — a vast 65-acre venue that’s seen everything from small gatherings such as company parties, weddings, and corporate meetings to large events such as festivals, major concerts, rodeos, skateboard world championships and, not to forget, the annual Utah State Fair.

Every time it comes to town, the Fair opens up the community to a wide variety of unique activities, entertainment, and marvelous oddities.

One of the many popular attractions there for Fair-goers every year is the grand butter sculptures. As much as 800lbs of butter is carefully crafted by teams of sculptors inside refrigerated spaces.

For over three decades, the Fair has sculpted buttery works of art — taking artists like Debbie Brown and Matt McNaughtan over 80 hours to create.

The sculptures can be found in the Promonotory Building with Creative Arts.

Another must-see at the Utah State Fair this year is Adam the Great. For over 25 years, Adam has perfected the art of magic and combined it with his comedic talents to make for truly hilarious performances.

Adam will be performing throughout the Fair, introducing visitors to new and exciting acts that are sure to bring a chuckle or two. Audiences will also have opportunities to be volunteers at the show, helping Adam the Great to demonstrate his awesome magic abilities.

He will host 3 FREE performances a day for those in attendance at the Gazebo Stage.

To learn more and purchase tickets for the Utah State Fair, click the link here.

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