Study aims to identify women at risk for preterm births

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Intermountain Healthcare has launched the first study of its kind involving up to 10,000 women that will use a new test to identify those at risk for premature birth.  It also helps those with high risk to evaluate the impact of early interventions designed to prolong their pregnancy and reduce the rate of premature delivery. 

Specifically, Intermountain researchers are working want to determine whether a screening blood test (PreTRM® test) can help clinicians identify women with an increased risk of preterm birth. Preterm birth (PTB) remains the leading cause of newborn death and long-term medical problems in babies throughout the world. 

To become a volunteer, you must be healthy and have had an ultrasound showing that your pregnancy is between 19 weeks 5 days and 20 weeks 6 days. There is no cost to participate in the study and your participation will not affect any other part of your hospital care. If you become a volunteer, you will receive a $20 Target gift card after your blood draw.

For the Prevent PTB study, half of the study participants will undergo normal medical screening to determine their risk of preterm birth. The other half will give a blood sample for Sera Prognostics’ validated PreTRM test.

If you’re interested in participating in this study, call 801-507-7433 for more information or to register for the study. 

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