(Good Things Utah) Today Dr. Agnes Ladon, art historian and curator based out of Toronto joined us to discuss the immersive art experience happening at the Leonardo.

As an art historian, Dr. Ladon has a vast wealth of knowledge regarding many areas of art but she loves that the digital art experience is a way of seeing art in a different way and introducing art in a unique and fun way. She was amazed about the things she had never noticed before that were brought to life such as the brush strokes, the meditative moment that gets lost in the crowds when you are standing in front of a famous piece of art.

“This provides an interactive and reflective experience!”

Dr. Agnes Ladon

Unfortunately, some may not have access to famous artwork and often wonder if an exhibit like the Immersive art experience happening at The Leonardo is something that they would enjoy. Honestly, this is something that all ages can enjoy from the youngest budding artist to seniors. 

There is seating available for those who may not want to stand for a long period and you don’t need to walk around to enjoy numerous pieces of art. You also get the opportunity to see these works in one spot and get an overview of the era as well as sit and find a peaceful time to reflect in front of beautiful artwork.

Some may not realize that this is a series of shows. Currently, Van Gogh is running along with Monet to Kandinsky in both Spanish and English. Later this week “Great Impressionists” will be launching so stay tuned!

If you’d like additional information regarding the shows that are available and where to buy tickets, please visit the Leonardo website or follow along on all social media channels:

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