Star Wars: Galaxy Edge offers an immersive experience for anyone–Star Wars fan or not!

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Our very own Nicea braved patrolling stormtroopers and gave inside details on Disneyland Park’s long-anticipated attraction–Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

Nicea was joined by Margaret Kerrison, Disneyland Rep, to talk all things Star Wars for the park’s grand opening! Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not, this grand opening was a big deal–so big that Star Wars’ original stars including Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and George Lucas were there to attend its grand opening. And the best news of all: Star Wars land is open to the public TOMORROW! 

Margaret described some of her favorite bits from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, including the Black Spire Outpost and Oga’s Cantina–two places that fans are bound to know just by their names. Both the market and cantina provide a complete, immersive experience for die-hard Star Wars fans to walk around and interact with characters and sites that are practically snapshots from the movies. 

Let’s talk rides. Margaret went on to talk about the favorite ride, the legendary Millennium Falcon! If you’ve ever dreamed of piloting the Millennium Falcon, now’s your chance. You’ll join a team of six and either take on the pilot role, act as a gunner, or engineer to go on an epic journey in hopes of returning to Black Spire Outpost.  

And if there wasn’t already a huge draw to this new land, Margaret said it’s the most epic, technologically-advanced land expansion that a Disney park has ever seen. Pictures can’t begin to do this extraordinary world justice, so you’ll have to check out Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for yourself! 

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