St George’s favorite senior living community offers best in class healthcare

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(Good Things Utah) – Stunning natural beauty is all around at this leading all-inclusive senior retirement community in St. George, Utah.

Amberlee Lindsey, Registered Nurse and Director of Health Services at Ovation, Sienna Hills discussed how Ovation truly sets itself apart from the competition in sunny St. George. Everything from the orientation program for staff and residents, to a robust activities program, assisted living at Ovation takes it up a notch.

What does assisted living mean?

Assisted Living is for residents who need some kind of assistance—whether it’s a lot or a little—with their activities of daily living. This could be as simple as needing a little help with bathing or dressing to help with taking medication and getting assistance with regular ambulation or walking around. Ovation has residents that span the spectrum of needs.

Many folks choose assisted living for themselves because they realize they are just having a difficult time taking care of themselves, taking care of what they need to do for themselves on a day-to-day basis. Oftentimes Ovation has folks choose assisted living because they may be a caregiver, which a lot of adult children are. Caregiver burnout is real, and a lot of adults find themselves taking care of their parents or their loved ones when they should be living their lives, planning for retirement, and enjoying their own families.

Assisted living offers those folks freedom and peace of mind knowing their loved ones are taken care of in a community like Ovation Sienna Hills.

The Clinical Team at Ovation Sienna Hills

The clinical team is incredible! They truly set themselves apart from other clinical teams in the assisted living world in Utah.

For starters, Ovation has a nurse on-site 24/7. This means residents can get a few additional cares that normally couldn’t be offered if they only had CNA’s here on the team. The entire clinical team is certified in some way—They don’t just have “caregivers.” Ovation has also gone above and beyond with training.

When they were hiring the first round of clinical team members back in early 2021, Ovation had sent out many offer letters. They found out shortly afterward that there was a delay in construction, which meant that they weren’t going to open when we planned on and that we really wouldn’t need the clinical team when they originally agreed to have them join the team.

Instead of pulling those offers, Ovation did the right thing and brought them on the team and added hundreds of hours of training in their toolkits, and they have been seeing the results of that time and time again. Every person on the team has hours of additional training that go above and beyond what the state or their licenses require. It’s incredible to see them step up for residents.

What makes assisted living at Ovation so special?

Ovation really is on the cutting edge when it comes to assisted living. They believe folks should never have to choose between good care and a beautiful home!

That’s why they have done assisted living in a way that emphasizes resort-style living. The lifestyle is what really matters. Are residents happy? Are they fulfilled in their daily lives? And, of course, is the care provided exceeding expectations?

Common areas in assisted living spaces are far from what you typically see: Everything is very upscale and residents aren’t breaking their banks to be proud of where they live. The restaurant, Lorraine’s, functions as a true restaurant. You take your seat, review the menu, and a server comes up and takes your order. Many assisted living communities offer the “meal of the day” and that’s it.

Ovation Sienna Hills really want their residents to retain their dignity and independence for as long as possible. It’s always fun to see a resident light up when they experience this level of treatment for the first time.

To learn more visit Ovation Sienna Hills now.

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