(Good Things Utah) Getting a sample of our state’s many cultural traditions is what Taste Utah has done every week for local foodies seeking new flavors. Placing a focus on locally-owned establishments, Katy with Taste Utah makes it her mission to find hidden gems throughout Utah and put them in the spotlight for all to see.

Anyone looking to try delicious new foods in Salt Lake County can find them at a local establishment downtown called Argentina’s Best Empanadas. Conveniently located near the library at 357 South 200 East in Salt Lake City, this tasty destination is known to make the most savory and authentic empanadas in the valley. Residents around the city relish the chance to try homestyle flavors from a genuine Argentinian kitchen.

“Empanadas are very traditional in Argentina — they’re like pizza in America,” says Ana Valdemoros, owner and operator of Argentina’s Best Empanadas.

Argentina’s Best is a quaint establishment, with a cozy interior and wood-style décor that makes it a welcoming atmosphere for locals in need of a quick treat. Customers have plenty to choose from, with a delectable display of fresh empanadas at the counter daily.

Resembling empanadas found in a traditional Argentina home, these freshly-baked goods are each handcrafted, with a different folding design for every flavor. Even better, these tasty treats are affordable enough that you can try several of their menu options while you’re there. Each empanada gets filled with a savory filling, made even more flavorful through the baking process.

Some of the items on the menu at Argentina’s Best include their bestselling empanadas — Traditional Beef (vegan optional) and Lemon Beef. Other options include Chicken Ricotta, Spinach Feta, Breakfast, Cheese Onion, and more, with new flavors coming out regularly. If guests are looking for a sweet treat to follow that empanada, their Dulce de Leche is made in-house, with a creamy, caramel taste in every bite.

You can visit Argentina’s Best Empanadas at 357 South 200 East or check out their online menu at ArgentinasBestSLC.com. Find them on social media @argentinasbestempanadas.

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