If you are a parent looking for something fun and free to do for your kids after school on early out days, Southern Utah Museum of Art is open for the public to help people get out in the community.

Jessica Farling, SUMA Director/Curator, spoke about the collaboration between Frontier Homestead Museum, The Public Library, and the Garth and Jerri Frehner Museum of Natural History.

Jackie Grant, director of Natural History Museum, mentions how each kid will learn how to recognize animals from their bones, fecal matter, and tracks. With interactions with seeds, wildfires, and fossils kids will have an unlimited fun time learning about all tons of significant facts, and Utah’s ecology. 

Suma celebrates a new artist each month and this upcoming Wednesday, the 23rd they will be hosting an art activity to honor Paul Cézanne birthday. 

Wonder Wednesday happens every Wednesday of each month. Visit, suu.edu/suma for more information.

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