Some USB ports are dangerous to use: How to stop hackers from stealing your information

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(GTU) – What could be so dangerous about plugging your phone in briefly while you’re traveling? The FCC and Wired Magazine have both issued warnings about USB charging ports. And it’s not just airports you should worry about. The FCC has found a large number of public space USB charging ports are “dirty”.

Many USB ports have been tampered with by hackers to steal data from unsuspecting travelers in airports. When someone plugs in their phone, tablet, or computer into a USB charging port that is “dirty”, hackers have complete access to the device as any security set up on the device is bypassed due to plugging into a USB port – The phone thinks it’s only being used to charge.

Per the FCC the act of setting up malware on public USB charging stations is called “Juice Jacking” and is more common than you think. 

If you don’t always bring your own USB charging brick and plug it into an AC outlet, you should probably take an extra step to protect your information and privacy. Like scammers who steal debit card numbers, hackers can easily rip out USB ports and replace them with their own malicious hardware. Modifying outlets is easier than one might think, but it’s even easier to protect yourself.

The Omny Box line prevents any transfer of data from your device (phone, tablet, computer) from being stolen by a “DIRTY” USB power charging port. The Omny box in addition to blocking any data transfer it allows people to increase their social distance by allowing the use of two device charging cords to be attached end to end.

The Omny Box is the coolest thing, being able to put two phone cords together to charge my tablet away from other people was great.

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Avoiding malware is of critical importance. Don’t ever plug your phone to charge into a public USB charging port. Don’t let a free charge drain your bank account. Learn more about the Omny Box today.

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