SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Preserving and improving your hearing health is an important part of maintaining your overall physical health and mental health. My Hearing Centers emphasizes the importance of taking care of your hearing at all stages of life to help reduce the rise of long-term hearing loss and maintaining a good quality of life.

For people with hearing loss, wearing hearing aids and hearing devices are vital in maintaining or improving overall communication, increasing confidence and helping to maintain or improve good mental health.

My Hearing Centers now offfera the new, unique, beautifully designed Styletto. The world’s first SLIM-RIC style hearing aids. Combine style with high-tech hearing powered by Signia Nx.

Visit for more information. Visit today to schedule a no-cost hearing evaluation for you or a family member and tests out the new, cutting edge hearing devices with no obligations for 30-days. Find a location near you here in Utah, click here.

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