Salt Lake City, Utah (Good Things Utah) — Salt Lake Community College is celebrating Black History Month with an MLK Jr. Commemorative week of events, and we have Jerri Harwell, Chair, English, Linguistic & Writing Studies, Salt Lake Community College here to share more.

Jerri tells us that the purpose of the events that are being held during the week are to celebrate and recognize Black History Month and to remind all of us of the importance of what Martin Luther King Jr. stood for.

One of the events that are being held during the week is The Beloved Community Project Film and Panel Discussion. This film focuses on Dr. Martin Luther King’s articulation of the Beloved Community. The Beloved Community is the idea and hope that it is possible to create civil, equitable, and harmonious communities through non-violent social change. 

The panelists are people from diverse backgrounds with rich perspectives who will discuss where America is today 60 years after Dr. King shared his “Dream” for our nation. The articulation of the “Promissory Note” and the “Hope” for a Beloved Community. In the spring of 1963, civil rights leaders were filmed discussing the challenges African-Americans faced. The panel discussion is a partial reenactment of that 1963 conversation that will bring two points in American history together.

If you would like to register for this event or take a look at what else Salt Lake Community College is doing to celebrate Black History Month, visit their website.

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