(Good Things Utah) Every path to greatness starts with a steady first step. For generation upon generation here in Utah, inspiring individuals from around the nation have chosen Salt Lake Community College as their trusted introduction to a brighter future.

One of the college’s most acclaimed programs giving students a head-start on their education, the School of Business, is soon to get an upgrade thanks to the generosity of the Miller Family Foundation and Gail Miller.

On top of her many years of support for Salt Lake Community College, Gail has now opted to help transform this program with a single cash donation of $10 million. In recognition, the college will be renaming its business school to the Gail Miller School of Business.

According to Nancy Michalko, Executive Director of Development for the SLCC Foundation: “This will be the first business school named for a woman in the state of Utah, and one of only a handful in the country. We think her business acumen is exactly the leadership that we’d like to tell the students about…”

With the donation funds, Salt Lake Community College will be renovating and expanding the current building to include a state-of-the-art auditorium, Kickstarter spaces for entrepreneurs, and a host of other improvements to the learning areas.

“It’s so empowering to have a woman donate [$10 million] for our future for so many students, not just myself,” remarks Genesis Ruiz, SLCC Business Student.

For several decades, the Miller family has heavily invested in the futures of SLCC students by offering scholarships and supporting programs to enrich the community. Now, the family is showing their commitment even more with what’s considered to be the largest individual donation never received by Salt Lake Community College.

To learn more and explore business programs, go online to slcc.edu.

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