(Good Things Utah) The acai bowl — traditionally made with acai berry pulp and a dash of agave — is steadily growing in popularity for both health-conscious communities and flavor-seekers alike.

Adopted by Hawaii, acai bowls are known to provide high amounts of fiber, iron, calcium, and more depending on the added ingredients. In addition, acai is also shown to help inflammation and can boost the immune system.

This purple-colored dish quickly grew with the fitness boom in the U.S. during the 1990s. After further research, experts now consider acai to be one of the healthiest superfoods on Earth.

“Acai actually originates from Brazil,” says Alex Marchant, Director of Communications with Everbowl. “It’s a berry that’s a super-food — so it’s high in antioxidants, high in vitamins, and minerals — it basically provides healthy value for you in your day.”

Utah residents have been missing out on the trend, as it has fewer specialty acai locations than most areas of the United States. For many ‘acai-aficionados’ in the state, there is no better place to find tasty acai bowls than Everbowl.

Their overall bowl menu is chock-full of natural ingredients, including whole fruits, granola, and chia pudding. Each of these bowls is crafted with noticeably high-quality ingredients and deliciously creative pairings.

According to Alex: “All of our bowls are organic, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free…it’s a top-quality, premium brand.”

Popular among local foodies, their homemade overnight oats at Everbowl are mixed with steel-cut oats, almond milk, cinnamon, and agave — all soaked overnight. “It takes about eight hours to prepare it. Then after that eight hours, it’s ready to go to be served in bowls.”

Another favorite for health-forward locals is their fresh smoothies, combining all our favorite flavors in one smoothie drink.

Pictured: Pitaya Wonder, Matcha Magic, PB Cacao Dream, Nanaberry Bliss

There are flavors for everyone in the family at Everbowl. Locations are spread throughout the country, including several regions in this state:

  • St. George – 15 S. River Road, Suite 325
  • Pleasant Grove – 855 W. State Street
  • Orem – 1663 N. State Street
  • Farmington – 256 N. University Avenue

To browse the whole menu and learn more about their fresh ingredients, go to www.everbowl.com.

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