Should you take your child to the pediatrician during a pandemic?

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Utah’s pediatricians are your child’s medical home.

Utah Pediatricians care about your children’s well/developmental care, but also for helping you when your child is sick, has injuries, or other needs such as mental health concerns. The change back to full-time school, or part in school, part online learning is creating stress in the family, and children are struggling. Being at home more means accidents happen more frequently too. If your child has a common injury (laceration, a broken bone, fall) they can still come and see their pediatrician without being worried about contracting COVID-19. It’s even more important, especially with kids going back to school, to call your pediatrician if your child is showing any signs of COVID-19.

You may have heard of a recent rise in reported COVID-19 cases in children. This confirms that children are not immune to the virus. Fortunately, they tend to have milder symptoms, are less likely to become severely ill, and rarely need to be hospitalized with the illness. As Americans adjust to social-distancing during coronavirus, many are wondering how best to care for their children’s medical needs – and so are pediatricians. Like other medical providers, many pediatricians are now offering telemedicine via video call or telephone.

Wee Care Pediatrics in Weber and Davis County, is committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive care for your children.

From the first phone call to the last follow-up, they believe your experience with them should feel like a relationship, not just an appointment. At Wee Care, they are committed to providing the best pediatric care for your children, offering general and sick checkups, physicals, and vaccinations in all of their locations.

Wee Care Pediatrics locations also boast some of the best pediatricians in Davis and Weber County and their Layton location is open 24 hours! They are happy to meet with you and your child to discuss your needs.

Visit Wee Care Pediatrics for more information.

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